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In 2010,the design league consisting of the fashion clothes designer ,graphic designer,gamer,photographer,and the college teachers was born in Shenzhen.And the fashion brand F1F2 was founded .It aims at granting the most fashion design language and the newest technology to our traditional life goods.And changing our environment to create a new life space in order to feel and express the enjoyment for life.

F1F2 and the fashion elites fight together to adapt the fabric with the different experience by the non-traditional expressing way- to develop,produce and sell the particular products.When all the furniture companies assimilate our customers according to the beauty and design of the industry,we grant the fashion element and advanced technology into the bedding,and bring a new atmosphere into the industry from the different design angle.And let the home that not accustomed to be decorated by the industry customs full of enthusiasm and activity,and let the fashion elites seeking for the individuality feel the new world.

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Harris County, Texas E-mail :us@f1f2.com
Address:10611 Harwin Dr. Suite 406,Houston TX 77036
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